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Meet the Homeowner – Alissa & Cody

Cody and Alissa’s journey with Pinnacle Family Homes began with a recommendation from friends who had previously experienced the exceptional craftsmanship of Pinnacle. Drawn to a lakefront lot for their family, the couple faced the exciting challenge of finding the perfect house plan to complement the setting.

Enter Pinnacle – not just as builders, but as visionaries. Meeting the couple on-site, they presented creative ideas and thoughtful layouts designed to maximize the stunning lake views while seamlessly integrating with the lot’s unique features. Cody and Alissa were able to envision their dream home taking shape before their eyes. The decision to move forward with Pinnacle became an easy one.

For Cody & Alissa, Pinnacle Family Homes wasn’t just about constructing a house; it was about crafting a haven that perfectly suited their lifestyle. Their home, nestled against the lakefront, became a haven for both tranquil moments and lively gatherings with family and friends. So enamored were they with the result that they brought Pinnacle back to work their magic on the basement.

Desiring a modern sports-bar vibe, Cody and Alissa entrusted Pinnacle with their vision, and the result was nothing short of spectacular. The finished basement now stands as a testament to Pinnacle’s ability to turn dreams into reality, providing a stylish and comfortable space for family lounging and entertaining alike.

Central to the success of their home-building journey was open communication. Cody and Alissa valued the collaborative process, sharing inspiration through pictures and witnessing Pinnacle breathe life into their ideas. Throughout the entire journey, Pinnacle Family Homes prioritized transparent communication, ensuring the couple was always in the know about the progress and developments.

In the end, Cody & Alissa didn’t just build a house; they created a personalized retreat that reflects their tastes, values, and the joy of lakeside living – all made possible with the expert guidance and craftsmanship of Pinnacle Family Homes.


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